Specialised and rare advice for your intangible assets

Griffin James is one of a very small number of practitioners that offer an intangible asset valuation for businesses in an insolvent setting. Whilst we also perform valuations for solvent businesses, our work dealing with asset valuations in the insolvency community is a rare skill-set. And it’s one we’re really proud of.

What do we value?

Specifically, we provide patent valuations, trademark valuations, and valuations of other intangible assets. These include:

  • Registered and unregistered design rights
  • Domain names
  • Websites
  • Copyright
  • Relationship capital
  • Contracts
  • Brands


Our independent intangible asset valuation services also support M&A, IPO, insolvency, share issue, probate, and divorce. We can help with tax planning, damage assessments, and licensing negotiation. And we also advise on appropriate royalty rates to help you shape the right deal whatever the circumstances.

If you have stakeholders that need to understand the key IP issues within a business proposition, we provide objective views on the value, the robustness, and the market attractiveness of the intellectual property in question.

How does this help you?

We assess the commercial consideration of intangible assets. But we also provide a firm professional opinion about how legally and commercially robust they are. We’ll assess the validity of IP portfolios and the freedom and potential limitations for companies to operate and use their technology and processes. These assessments require the analysis of intangible assets, particularly patents, and they range from providing initial opinions to giving formal advice for due diligence purposes.

Are you concerned that your intangible assets are being undervalued or ignored? Talk to an expert. Just get in touch or call 0161 282 6636 for a confidential and no obligation chat about how we might be able to support you.