Independent business valuation. Honest advice. And the best sale value for your business

We understand that selling a business can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you need to sell because of financial difficulties or cash flow problems.

We also know that each sale is unique and that there are lots of factors that can affect sale value. That’s why we’ve built a huge set of capabilities to help business owners, managers, or office holders navigate the valuation and sale process as easily and as effectively as possible.

Knowledge into value

We’ll work with you to provide an independent and realistic opinion of value. We’ll base our assessment on a set of key criteria that reflect current market conditions. And we’ll make sure that the sales strategy we recommend will allow you to make informed decisions (and provide you with the highest possible return).

We can help with confidential sales which we’ll market to a carefully selected group of industry contemporaries. We can assist with more widely marketed opportunities offered to a global audience. And, as a supporting consultant to your business, we’re happy to give our advice and put the finishing touches on your exit strategy.

Making the sale

We’ll also take care of the sale and handle funds and administration on behalf of both parties. And if you need a separate asset sale? We can help you there, too. Whether that’s a private negotiation, a tender, or an online auction, we’ll give our expert advice on your best course of action.

Our professional standards mean we only offer honest advice. We’ll never suggest an attractive value to win business. And we’ll never take a volume approach. In fact, we prefer to deal with only a small number of business sale clients at any one time. This way we can give you the care and attention that your sale deserves.

Looking to sell? Want to know the value of your business? Get in touch or call 0161 282 6636 to see how we can help you out.