Independent hands on advice for struggling businesses

When business is a struggle and you’re facing difficult operating conditions it can feel like you have limited options. When the going is tough we understand why business owners can be reluctant to seek business advice. But experience tells us that the earlier you seek advice the more options you have.

There are lots of reasons why your business might be facing difficulties. Things like:

  • A dip in revenue causing a cash flow problem
  • Historic margin erosion
  • You’ve received an unexpected bill
  • You’ve lost a contract or customer


Whatever the reason, we’ll be here to provide the right impartial guidance and help. And it all starts with a free initial assessment of your business. The earlier you seek advice, the more options there are open to you.

First Steps. Giving you the confidence to move forwards

We’ll work with you to identify the options open to the business and talk through the best courses of action. We know that the best way to do this is to spend time taking a long and honest look at the company. This is really important to help us identify and isolate problems (and understand the causes) so we can give you constructive advice.

Next Steps. Delivering a plan

Once we’ve agreed on a plan we’ll help you work through the steps you need to take. We’ve developed a wide range of tools and methods to help deliver this with you. Things like making internal procedural changes, increasing support to particular business functions, or considering new products and markets.

If matters are a little more serious we’ll also talk to suppliers and arrange payment plans, debt forgiveness, or take steps to reduce overheads so they’re more in line with revenues.

Support for the worst case scenario

Sometimes there isn’t a realistic way to rescue a business. We know this can be particularly difficult for the business owners. So if you accept these recommendations we’ll make sure that we support you throughout the process. We will refer you to our network of trusted insolvency practitioners to take care of the formal insolvency of the business. We’ll also complete a thorough and ongoing handover so you won’t have to explain everything twice.

And try not to worry – in many cases, an insolvency process can allow your business to emerge in an improved position.

Accelerated Mergers and Acquisitions

We have lots of experience helping to buy and sell troubled businesses, so we understand the many challenging complexities that we need to consider to achieve a successful outcome. Our experience means we use fast and effective strategies to implement the best acquisition or sale strategy for you.

How we do it

We understand that every case is different. So that’s why we offer a tailored service that fits with your unique set of circumstances. This can include:

  • Valuation support
  • Operational due diligence
  • Deal structuring
  • Assessment of funding requirements and financial modelling
  • Risk identification
  • Negotiation support
  • Post-merger integration
  • Raising finance


We match our expertise with your needs and integrate our skills in a way that always offers well-balanced business advisory services. And, even better, you will only ever pay for exactly what you need.

When your business goes through a difficult patch getting help quickly can often make all the difference.

So if you’d like to have a confidential and no-obligation chat with us about any issues facing you and your company please get in touch or call 0161 282 6636. We’d be happy to listen and let you know how we can help.